Friday, January 13, 2012

The Fabric of My Destiny: A Review

     When my 10-year-old daughter likes a book, she always says the same thing to me:  “That was a cool book!”  Well, that pretty much is my opinion of The Fabric of My Destiny.

      For one thing, it’s not your typical urban fantasy story.  The heroine, Jyngee, is a Romanian-American and the last half of the book takes place in Romania—which I actually found pretty fascinating.  Second, Jyngee comes into her own as a powerful force for good—as well as a paranormal powerhouse—mostly in the second half of the book.  Not to say the first half is blah.  It’s not.  When you meet one of the bad guys, Jacques Taran, early on, you realize that beneath his movie star good looks lurks a heart of pure evil.  And you just want to keep turning those pages.  The first thing you think is:  Will Jyngee fall in love—or hate—with the guy?  I won’t spoil it for you.

     On top of that, I really like the main character—Jyngee.  She’s like a girl you’d want for your best friend:  smart, pretty, balanced and motivated.  She has dreams and ambitions and she pursues them; she knows what she wants out of life.  She can give you sensible and sane advice.  But the best thing about her is—her courage.  She faces obstacles with a full frontal assault.  That’s something I admire.

     It’s a complicated tale that becomes fully involving because the plot is well-paced, the writing is strong and the story-telling is first-rate.  In short, it’s a very cool book.  

     The Fabric of My Destiny, published by small imprint Edgar Allan Press, is now available for $2.99 on Kindle and NOOK



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