Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Teen Mom Thriller Only $2.99


There's Urban Fantasy.

And then there's urban reality. Gritty. Tough for everyone. Especially a teen mom.

I just finished reading an urban reality thriller that kept me immersed in an L.A. teen mom's dangerous world until well past midnight.

The book? One Bad Mother, by Sara L. Rose. Well worth your time when you feel like taking a break from the fantasy world. And it's only $2.99!

But don't take my word for it. Here's a glowing review that originally appeared in "Books and Pals":

The high level concept of this book, a father who attempts to kidnap his children, each conceived with a different woman, and runs into one mother who fights back, is based on a true story. Had I not known this, suspension of disbelief might have been difficult.

Layla, the mother who fights back, is not an especially sympathetic character in the beginning. Were it not for two things, I would have had a hard time investing emotionally in Layla's plight. The first is that, although Layla makes what seem like bad decisions, they are the most viable choices available. That she makes choices based on the best way of meeting her goal of keeping and providing for her son Kurt is never in doubt. The other reason I was able to pull for Layla is that the other alternatives for her son Kurt - a foster home, living with Layla's father, or Irwin successfully kidnapping him - were much worse. As the story progresses, Irwin becomes crazier while Layla learns to make better decisions. As the tension built, my emotional investment in Layla's plight did too.

One Bad Mother's weakness is also its strength. That the story and the protagonist are both so much different from what I'm accustomed to seeing in a thriller made it tougher to get invested in the story, but also resulted in a unique story. In the end, the positives of this far outweighed the negatives.

**Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog.

Want more? Here's a link to the amazon Kindle page for One Bad Mother. Only $2.99!
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