Saturday, January 24, 2015

What It Means To Dream Of Pregnant Johnny Depp.

     Hi! I'm Dawn Lee Hope Jr., a grad student in the Dream Interpretation Curriculum at Edgar Allan Poe Community College.
     I'm here to tell you what your dreams mean!
     Today's question comes from Dan in Little Rock, Arkansas:

     Dear Dawn Lee:

     What does it mean to dream of pregnant Johnny Depp? I'm no expert, but he looks about seven months pregnant in my dream. He's wearing his Jack Sparrow costume, if that makes a difference.
     Dan in Little Rock

    Dear Dan:

    Typically, dreams of pregnancy symbolize abundance. Your dream, it is my expert opinion, symbolizes that you have an abundance of time on your hands. Indeed, your most recent social engagement was likely as the sole audience member at a matinee showing of Mr. Depp's new film Mordecai. Doubtlessly, your dream took place during the movie, as--based on what critics are saying--falling asleep was a far more entertaining way of spending two hours in a darkened room. Another unusual aspect of your dream involves Mr. Depp's age. At 51, he is post-menopausal, making it unlikely that he could become pregnant even in the most futuristic of scenarios. What that means, I am not quite sure. But do get out more. The designated smoking area outside an emergency room, I have found, is a great place to rub shoulders with an ever-changing cast of colorful people, 

Keep Dreaming!

Dawn Lee

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