Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Top 5 Worst Oscar-Winning Songs

With so much crap to choose from, compiling a list of the five worst Oscar-winning songs ever was insanely difficult. Nevertheless, here are our choices from the bottomless cesspool of movie music:

5. Chim Chim Cheree from Mary Poppins, 1964--Even an umbrella couldn't stop Julie Andrews' descent from the peak of Sound Of Music and The Hills are Alive with Music.

4. We Belong Together from Toy Story 3, 2010--I dare you to hum this one. Or even remember it.

3. Al Otro Lado del Rio from Motorcycle Diaries, 2004--a movie about Che Guevara's greatest hits, sung by Fidel Castro

2. You Light Up My Life from You Light Up My Life, 1977--Uplifting tune written by a guy who was later indicted on 91 counts of rape, sexual assault and other uplifting stuff like that.

1. It's Hard Out Here For A Pimp from Hustle & Flow, 2005--Oscar music's all time low point. The title alone says it all.

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