Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ten Chinese Murdered for Singing Justin Bieber Songs.

Over the past six months, China has been stung by a series of murders, all reportedly provoked by karaoke versions of Justin Bieber's One Time.

At least ten people have been murdered after the tune was performed at karaoke.

Local media call the deaths the "Justin Bieber Killings" and they are occurring in some of the sprawling nation's thousands of karaoke-filled bars, cafes and restaurants.


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Here's how the murders occur: Someone gets up, clears his or her throat and chooses One Time from a list of songs approved by Communist Party censors. The lyrics appear on a screen, the music begins to play--and trouble begins.

Some performers get into fights with their critics. Some are rude. Others jump forward into the unruly crowd using the microphone or broken beer bottles as weapons. Audience members respond by flinging chairs or pulling knives. In the worst cases, performers--or their hecklers--have been murdered.

Chinese authorities are considering a crackdown on Justin Bieber songs, videos and newspaper articles about him.

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