Monday, December 14, 2015

Inside Atheist Plan to Ruin Your Kids' Christmas.

A 2-day in-depth investigation by this blog has unearthed an atheist plan to make millions of children to cry during the 2015 Xmas season.

In an exclusive interview, a leading member of a previously unknown Atheist cult revealed, "We've been flying under the radar, but now it's our time to come out. Across the country, thousands of our members have been secretly hired as mall Santas, even though, as  practicing Atheists, we don't believe in Him either.


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"Our members are now embedded as mall Santas in key markets across the nation, including the previously impregnable Bible Belt. And when eager kids climb onto their laps, they'll be whispering in their ears the bitter truth that Santa does not exist!

"Sure the kids will cry. And we feel bad about that. But if children are told at an early age that Old Saint Nick is a big lie, they'll be less likely to fall for the whopper myths about dead people sitting on clouds and that sort of crap.

"Our fervent prayer is that within 20 years no American believes in Santa Claus or that other old dude with a white beard."

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